an older gentleman cupping a hand to his ear

The Link Between Hearing Loss & Dementia

A lot of different health conditions are closely linked with one and another. Some have links that you may not have anticipated. In this post, we are going to assess the link between dementia and hearing loss in particular. Adults who are experiencing some form of hearing loss have a greater risk of cognitive disorders, […]

a man cupping a hand to his ear

Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

There is no denying that as we start to get older, some aspects of our health begin to change. This can be especially evident in our cognitive ability. For some, it might be very mild and for others a little more serious. Although it is a normal part of aging to experience typical issues such […]

a woman touching a hand to her ear

How do I Know If I Have Mild Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is an issue that an awful lot of people on this planet have to deal with. As we age, our organs and senses begin to slow down due to wear and tear over the years, and hearing is one of the casualties that is hit the hardest. It’s also something that is prevalent […]