Part of Wellesley, Concord, and Plymouth Since 1959

We do right by our patients. This has been our philosophy for years. We take the time to listen to you and are always looking to help you hear better and lead a more fulfilling life.

At Flynn Associates, we do right by our patients. This has been our philosophy for years. You’re our priority, so we take the time to listen to what you really need, and we are always looking for new way to help you hear better and lead a more fulfilling life.

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Assisting the Wellesley, Concord, and Plymouth Communities with Better Hearing

Flynn Associates has helped members of the Wellesley, Concord, and Plymouth communities hear better since 1959. We were founded by hearing instrument specialist Bob Flynn, who established the philosophy that drives us to this day: do what’s right by the patient.

Since then, we have upheld the same level of care that Bob believed in. It’s an honor to continue his vision and be part of such a rich history. We’ve known some of our patients for decades, and we’ve seen some families for generations because people trust us. They know we will always strive to do what’s best for them, and we try to educate and empower the people in our community to understand and make decisions about their own hearing.

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Hearing Aid Services

Flynn Associates is dedicated to helping patients with hearing loss through hearing testing, education, and treatment with hearing devices. We want to ensure that all our patients are equipped with the knowledge and the tools they need to hear better. Whether you need your hearing tested for the first time or are looking for more effective hearing aids, we are here to help you.

Available Specials:

  • Free Hearing Consultation
  • Free Hearing Test
  • 7-Day Hearing Aid Trial
  • Clean & Check Current Hearing Aids
  • Mobile Services
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Did You Know?
360 Million people worldwide have hearing loss
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One-third of people over 65 years of age are affected by hearing loss
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hearing loss can affect one ear or both ears
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people with hearing loss wait an average of 7 years before seeking help
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90% of Americans who have tinnitus also have hearing loss
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reports of depression are higher in US adults with hearing loss, at 11.4%
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We Love Hearing From Our Patients!

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Set up an appointment with our hearing specialists to discuss hearing loss solutions to improve your quality of life! Our offices are open Monday – Friday from 9am til 5pm. Late appointments are available upon request.