How To Convince A Loved One They Need Hearing Aids?

hearing loss patient eating dinner at table with family

Have you started to notice that a loved one is struggling to hear you? If so, you may want to encourage them to book an appointment with an audiologist so that they can get their hearing tested and potentially get a hearing aid. However, this is not exactly an easy subject to broach, is it? The last thing you want to do is hurt the person’s feelings. Nevertheless, if you fail to say anything at all, you could end up hurting the person even more. With that being said, in this article, we’ll look at some of the different approaches you can use to convince a loved one that they need a hearing device, or at least begin the treatment process.

Looking out for signs of hearing loss

Firstly, it is important to be aware of some of the different signs to look out for that could indicate that someone you love is struggling with their hearing. Of course, one of the most obvious signs is if the individual keeps asking you to repeat what you have said all of the time. You may also notice that they have the television or radio a lot louder than they used to. 

One of the less obvious signs to look out for, but albeit one of the most important, is if the individual has become socially withdrawn. When someone cannot hear as effectively as they once come, they naturally participate in conversations less. This is because it takes up too much of their brain energy to try and listen to what others are saying and follow the conversation. 

Therefore, if you have noticed that this is the case for one of your loved ones, it could be that they are struggling to hear effectively. In addition to this, you should watch the person’s eyes when you speak. Are they looking at your lips? If so, this indicates that they are trying to lip-read, which is probably because they are struggling to hear you properly. 

Encouraging treatment for hearing loss

If you have noticed any of the signs or symptoms that have been mentioned above, it is important to act quickly. If you do not mention it, the longer time goes on, the more chance that the hearing loss will worsen. Instead, if you encourage your loved one to book an appointment with an audiologist sooner rather than later, this could help them get treatment early on to enjoy the best possible quality of life. 

But the question remains: how do you get someone you love to go to the audiologist and get the help that they need? This is where a lot of people struggle! When approaching this conversation, you need to make sure that you respect the person’s feelings. Understand that this is probably going to be a very difficult and challenging conversation for them to have, and they may even be in a little bit of denial. This is why it is critical for you to speak to them carefully and kindly. Do not push the idea of booking an audiologist appointment on them. It is best if you can try and make it feel like it was their own decision.

It is also vital to enter the conversation having done your research. You should know about an audiologist in the area that you can visit and be willing to book the appointment for your loved one, so they feel supported. It would be great if you can take the time to go to the appointment with them. You will then be able to take notes so that no important information is left out. Plus, the person in question may be a lot more open to getting a hearing aid if they know that you will be there with them during the appointment. You may even want to show them some hearing devices in advance so they can see how discreet today’s modern models are.

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