Why Your Mood Can be Improved by Having Your Hearing Checked

happy woman sitting for a diagnostic audiologic evaluation

Hearing loss is quite a common issue for people to experience. At the start, it might not be too noticeable. Over time, it’ll impact you more and more. You might think that this will only affect your ears. That isn’t the case. It could also have a large impact on your mood. That’ll primarily be seen with your mental health.

That could be surprising to hear. Multiple studies have linked the two, however. You’ll naturally want to avoid this. If you don’t know much about your hearing, you might not know what to do. It’s worth looking at how hearing loss can affect your mood. Armed with that, you should be able to avoid or overcome it.

Nobody wants to experience hearing loss or mental health issues. If you can prevent both at the same time, then doing so is vital.

Hearing Loss Has Been Connected to Depression

Mental health issues, such as depression, can be caused by multiple factors. Several studies have shown that hearing loss can be one of these. That link, alongside the impact it entails, gets larger as time goes on. For people over 50, that’s quite pronounced. Paranoia and anxiety can also be associated with this.

That can be compounded by several things. People who experience hearing loss and leave it untreated often become more socially isolated. That worsens the issue and could lead to other mental health problems. It’ll also naturally interfere with your overall quality of life. That could kick off a cycle that you mightn’t feel as though you can get out of.

The link between hearing loss and mental health has been seen more noticeably among certain people. People who’ve lost 25 decibels or greater of their hearing will see these the most. The only demographic who doesn’t seem to experience this are people over 70 who go through hearing loss. That still leaves most people at risk.

Thankfully, there are ways that you can avoid or overcome this. Most notably is getting your hearing loss treated if you can. Alternatively, you’ll have to manage the condition. Hearing aids will be the most effective way of doing so. Many people might not want to go down this path, however.

Resisting this could be detrimental to you. Not only could it mean a decline in your mental health, but it’ll lead to a lower quality of life.

Resisting Hearing Aids Can Hurt Your Mental Health

The effects of hearing loss could be enough to persuade many people to get hearing aids. If it isn’t, the link between it and mental health may be enough. Not getting them can affect this more than you might think. Several factors can affect the decision to consult an audiologist and get hearing aids, though.

The first of these is that people think that their hearing is fine. They assume that other people are either mumbling or speaking quietly. That naturally isn’t the case. The second factor is that some people might not have others to speak with too often. That’ll lead them to not realize that there’s an issue at play. Both of these factors could come with mental health issues.

Increased social isolation may be a part of this, which will further feed into anxiety and paranoia. If you’re worried about this, then the best path forward is to get a hearing examination. That will help you determine if there are any hearing issues. In some cases, this could be relatively minor and quite treatable.

That could mean getting a hearing aid. You shouldn’t decide against this. The benefits of hearing aids drastically outweigh the potential drawbacks.

Speak With an Audiologist to Protect Your Hearing and Mood

You could be surprised by the link between hearing loss and mental health. Numerous studies have highlighted this. Either by themselves could be a concern and should be addressed. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, then you should take action to have it treated. That means seeing an audiologist as soon as you can. Having regular check-ups will also be recommended.

You’ll not only get preventative advice for looking after your hearing, but they’ll catch anything before it becomes too large of a problem. That will prevent hearing issues from affecting your mood. At Flynn Associates, we care about you. Our dedicated and helpful team is more than happy to help you with your needs. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, then contact us today. Call us today at Concord: (978) 759-3540 or Wellesley: (781) 943-5040 to find out how our experienced audiologists can help you.