Is a Bluetooth Hearing Aid Worth It?

a hearing aid being held in a hand

If you’re somebody currently dealing with hearing loss and you’re in the market for a modern and convenient hearing device, then you’re going to want something that fits in with your lifestyle. In this day and age, thanks to modern tech, there are many different variations available. Here we’ll talk a little about Bluetooth hearing aids and whether they might be worth the investment. They’re a popular choice and something that will be around for a while yet. In this article, we’ll quickly run through a few things and see if this kind of device sounds like something you’d want to invest in.

Firstly, what is Bluetooth?

We’ll start by quickly explaining what Bluetooth is for those who aren’t fully aware. It’s a communication technology that helps connect two or more devices within a short range. Using high-frequency radio waves, information is shared wirelessly, safely and securely. It has been used significantly for around twenty years and is prevalent today still – the majority of devices you use possess. 

Bluetooth about hearing aids

When it comes to hearing aids, Bluetooth technology works a little differently. The devices are too small and, thus, have a lower battery capacity, the typical, traditional Bluetooth uses too much energy for them. A piece of technology called Bluetooth low energy is utilized instead. This, as the name suggests, simply provides reduced power while keeping similar performance levels. It is used in other devices such as smartphones and heart rate monitors. 

The benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids

A Bluetooth hearing aid will provide more than just the ability to hear a lot better. For many, a hearing aid should just be a device that does the job expected of it – others will want a few added extras, however. Here are just a few benefits of the Bluetooth device:

You have remote control of your hearing aid

As it has Bluetooth enabled, you’ll be able to change the settings of your hearing aid using an entirely new device. It’ll be able to connect to certain devices that allow you to listen to more than just the environment around you. For instance, if you wanted to listen to music, you could sync something up and begin enjoying the tunes.

You’ll get a personalized experience

The audio signal can be set to stream one of both hearing aids – the signal can be shaped to match the personalized settings of the device. The volume can be controlled by the streamer. In terms of the music you can listen to, your hearing aids can literally become a set of wireless headphones. This kind of method is a lot better than placing a phone next to the microphone of the hearing aid. 

You’ll be able to connect to multiple devices

As the title suggests, you can be paired with multiple devices, and you can easily switch between them. For instance, you can connect your mobile phone to the hearing aid while you watch a movie on another device. 

You’ll get a fantastic sound quality

In terms of other hearing aids, feedback and whistling noises have been talked about. This can obviously make life a little difficult for anyone occupying one. With a Bluetooth hearing aid, these noises are said to be diminished, and the overall quality is much improved.

To answer the question of is it worth it? You need to think about your own situation and how possessing one of these would affect your life. If you feel as though this kind of device is imperative to your daily life, then it would absolutely be value for money. Perhaps you should consider against if you see it as a novelty that would eventually wear off after a few weeks. All in all, they are fantastic pieces of equipment, so whatever your choice, you’ll be receiving a quality product.

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