Forget 312 Batteries – Why You Should Start Thinking About Rechargeable

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Technology changes at a rapid pace. That’s seen in quite a few notable ways, such as cars and smartphones. Many minor things have also benefited from this. Hearing aids have been one of the more notable things with this. They’ve become much more discreet and technologically advanced and can have multiple features to use.

What you might not have thought about are the batteries. If you have hearing aids, then you could be using the standard disposable batteries for them. These will probably be 312 batteries. That’s quite common. That doesn’t mean that it’s the best approach to take. There are multiple negatives associated with them, which you may want to avoid. Thankfully, there are rechargeable batteries you can use.

You might be unsure about switching to these. You’ve gotten along fine with the batteries you already use, after all. There are a few reasons why you should switch to rechargeable batteries.

Negatives Of Disposable Hearing Aid Batteries

Disposable hearing aid batteries have multiple negatives that you mightn’t be aware of. You could also know about some of them already. The environmental impact they have could be the most obvious. Outside of that, there are several negatives that could impact you directly. Perhaps the most notable is that they start losing power every time you use them. As long as the hearing aids are in use, the power is depleting.

That’ll result in you needing new ones at some point. That could be every month or even more regularly. While these could be relatively affordable, the cost adds up over time. Then there’s how you should dispose of standard batteries. Many places have specific procedures for getting rid of electronics to electronics-related equipment. That means putting effort into getting rid of them.

Why Rechargeable Ones Are Better

The negatives associated with disposable hearing aid batteries could lead you to consider switching to rechargeable alternatives. You could want to make sure they’re worth it, however. Naturally, you shouldn’t have to deal with the above issues with these. That alone could persuade you to switch. There are a few other reasons why you’ll want to consider rechargeable hearing aid batteries.

The charge itself lasts much longer than you’d assume. With high-quality options, you should expect the charge to last the entire day. That’ll make your quality of life better, as your hearing aids won’t cut out when you need them. The frustration associated with this can be overly irritating. While it’s typically easy to replace hearing aid batteries, it’s still not something you’ll want to do.

There’s also the fact that rechargeable batteries are made to quite a high standard. You shouldn’t have to worry about hazards with them. You could find this with some 312 batteries and others.

They’re also less likely to have faults because of this. 

Different Types to Choose From

You might think that rechargeable hearing aid batteries are all the same. That’s not the case. They can be made from different materials. Each offers different benefits. With lithium-ion batteries, for instance, boast a longer use time than many others. That could make them the most practical option for many people. These are also used in cellphones and similar devices.

You could also choose a silver-zinc option. That could be a more recommended option if you have older hearing aids. Silver-zinc batteries should be more compatible with these models.

They’ll also be effective with newer ones, although they’re the better-recommended ones if you want to upgrade an older hearing aid. These should also boast quite a long use time before needing to be charged. There are also rechargeable hearing aid batteries that let you charge them while you’re still using them. Options offering other benefits could also be available.

Speaking with an audiologist about what one is best for you is a recommended option.

Talk To an Audiologist to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

If you’re using 312 batteries in your hearing aids, then you should consider switching to rechargeable ones. You’ll benefit from them immensely. With the negatives associated with 312 batteries and other disposable ones, it can be more environmentally friendly to use rechargeable ones. They could also be much more effective when used. Speaking to an experienced audiologist will help with this. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, or are worried about your hearing, then contact Flynn Associates at (978) 759-3540 or (781) 943-5040. Our highly trained and experienced team will be more than happy to help you with your needs. What’s stopping you from managing your hearing loss?