Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Flynn Associates believes that everyone deserves to live better while they live with hearing loss. We take the time to make sure that the hearing aids you purchase have the technology you need to stay connected to family, friends and the world around you. Our approach to hearing aid fitting ensures your hearing aids deliver sound comfortably, and you successfully adapt to using this new technology.

What happens at a hearing aid fitting?

When the hearing aids are delivered by the manufacturer to Flynn Associates, they are pre-programmed for your level of hearing loss. But we don’t stop there.

When you come in for your fitting, one of our hearing aid specialists will confirm your programs and adjust the settings until you hear sound at a level that is comfortable to you. Hearing is unique, and we want your hearing aid programs to be as unique as you.

If this is your first-time wearing hearing aids, we will explain what to expect and give you a plan for the hearing aid adjustment period. You will also learn how to properly insert and remove your hearing aids and perform routine maintenance. You’ll schedule a follow-up in about three days to see how you are adjusting.
If you already wear hearing aids, we will go over any new features. You’ll get a refresher on hearing aid care, and we will answer any questions you have about the new technology. Before you leave, you’ll schedule a follow-up appointment in a week or two.

After-purchase care at Flynn Associates

Once you purchase your hearing aids at Flynn Associates, we will continue to monitor your progress using hearing aid technology. After your first fitting appointment and checkup, you’ll come back to our offices on a regular basis. This schedule includes:

  • Four-week checkup
  • Three-month checkup
  • Six-month checkup

There is no additional charge for these appointments. After your first six months with your hearing aids, you’ll come back every six months for complimentary cleaning and adjustment of your devices.

Of course, if you ever have any problems with your hearing aids, feel free to call or stop in.